Yorkville University COVID-19 Support

Yorkville University and Toronto Film School are on the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada’s (IRCC) approved list of designated learning institutions ready to welcome students to their Ontario campuses. 

Students are eligible to receive a Travel Support Letter for Yorkville University or Toronto Film School’s Ontario campuses, provided they:    

  1. Are enrolled at Yorkville University or Toronto Film School, Ontario campus 
  2. Possess either a visa and study permit approval letter or a study permit 
  3. Make arrangements to arrive in Canada on one of the specified arrival dates provided by Yorkville University or Toronto Film School 
  4. Enroll in the Yorkville University or Toronto Film School Ontario COVID-19 Readiness Plan 

The COVID-19 Readiness Plan provides students with 15 days of safe isolation at a dedicated quarantine site. This 15 night stay includes the Government of Canada’s mandatory government-authorized accommodation for the first 3 nights, transportation from the airport to the hotel, and 3 meals daily. During the quarantine period, students will have the opportunity to participate in daily virtual activities and meetings with their peers and support staff. 

Note: Do not make any travel arrangements until you have received guidance from the Quarantine Support Team. 

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