Receive medical examination request for PR Start-Up Visa application after only 10 months!

Recently, a KeyApply customer received a medical examination request just 10 months after submitting the Start-Up Visa application. The medical examination stage is the final stage of the immigration application. This is a quick and effective step forward.

The general situation shows that, after the Covid-19 pandemic, the speed of processing documents has increased significantly. While this speed may vary between customers, the general trend is that the process is much faster than before. This is not only good news for startups wanting to quickly move to Canada, but also a testament to the adaptability and innovation of application processing agencies.

To achieve this success, carefully preparing documents and maintaining an optimistic spirit are important factors. Meticulousness in every detail of the documents not only helps avoid unnecessary incidents. In addition, you must always pay attention to business development activities even after submitting PR, because these are things that most people pay little attention to.

Finally, KeyApply does not stop at supporting customers during the application process. With a team of experienced and knowledgeable consultants, we are always ready to support customers in Vietnam. Making an appointment and seeking professional advice from KeyApply can be a solid stepping stone for anyone pursuing the dream of starting an international business.

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