Business Work Permit - Professional and Fees



KeyApply do the following services for the Client and the Client’s eligible family members in connection with the application for the Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) as an Owner/Operator of the business in Canada:

a) Provide guidance about the law, application process and the required documents;

b) Reasonably assist with the collection of the required information and documentation;

c) Prepare applicable application forms to apply for LMIA;

d) Submit an LMIA application to the ESDC;

e) Prepare response(s) to reasonable requests for additional evidence for the ESDC;

f) Prepare the Client and/or the Canadian employer for the LMIA interview;

g) Prepare and submit the client’s work permit application once the LMIA is approved;

h) Reasonably consult the Client about the status of the process and answer any questions relating to same; and

i) Instruct the Client about the compliance issues and conditions of the LMIA decision.

The following services are not included:

a) Re-submission of the LMIA application in case of a refusal;

b) Any responses to misrepresentation or other inadmissibility allegations;

c) Any appeals or reconsideration requests in case of refusal;

d) Application for Judicial Review before the Federal Court;

e) Attendance at an interview or meetings at the Canadian port of entry;

f) Application for permanent residence. 


The details of the professional fees and expenses are as follows (in CAD):

Professional Legal Fees: $75,000 (CAD)


Stage 1: LMIA Application

 a) LMIA application fee $1000
b) Company registration services
c) Business Plan

Stage 2: Work Permit Application

d) Work Permit application fee (the Client) $155
e) Biometric collection fee (Family)
f) Open Work Permit application fee (Spouse)
g) Application fee for 1 dependent child

Applicable Taxes: $0 (non-resident of Canada)

Total Disbursements Cost: $6,230 (CAD)

The above amount is to be paid by the Client and is not subject to change. In the event any additional costs or disbursements paid by KeyApply on behalf of the Client, the Client agrees to reimburse KeyApply’s expenses incurred on the Client’s behalf upon being invoiced for same.


At Stage 1, the Client shall provide KeyApply with a first payment of $25,500 within 5 business days from the signing date of this Agreement, which includes:

  • Legal Service fee: $45,000
  • Disbursements: $5,500

At Stage 2, once the Client receives a positive LMIA decision and is allowed to submit Work Permit application, the Client shall pay the remaining amount of $30,730 within 5 business days, which includes:

  • Legal Services fee: $30,000
  • Disbursements: $730

Payments may be made by cash, wire transfer, international money order, through the Western Union, by personal cheque or PayPal. All payments are due upon signing this Retainer Agreement.


The Client acknowledges that KeyApply is entitled to retain the payment for the work completed on the Client’s behalf and the expenses incurred as result of its representation of the Client. The Client understands that professional fees will not be refundable in full once the Firm commences work on the Client’s behalf and agrees to the following:

(a) The Firm will retain $40,000 of the professional fees + applicable expenses if the Retainer Agreement is cancelled by the Client at any stage.

(b) The Firm will retain $30,000 of the professional fees + applicable expenses, if the Client’s application gets refused by the ESDC.

Additionally, the Firm will not refund any of the professional fees charged and shall be entitled to the full payment for the work done on the Client’s behalf if:

(a) The Client does not cooperate with the Firm in finalization or filing of the Client’s application;

(b) The Client’s application gets refused due to false information, misrepresentation, fraud, medical or security inadmissibility.

(c) The Client withholds relevant information from the Firm or from the immigration authorities at any time during the processing of the Client’s application or at the time of the interview with an immigration officer.